Greenwood and Ballard Sunday

October 23, 2006 at 5:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Today I had to go look at a couple more places )still haven’t decided 😦 and I found a lot of interesting subjects for practicing working my new digital camera. My friend Steve and I had some spare time before we went to look at the room, so we decided to go into some of the shops on Greenwood ave that I hadn’t visited before.

There were not one, but two mexican stores down there. I walked into the second one briefly and looked around, and it had an incredible smell!

In the back was like an indoor taco bus! I would have taken pics but we were the only non-mexicans. There were a ton of pinatas hanging off the ceiling, and some crazy looking cookies in a case by the entrance.

Then we popped into an antique shop which had a really crazy looking costume in the entrance.I went inside and I really like the atmosphere and the furnishings.

Then it was off to Jiffy Lube get our oil checked, and we were off.

The guy we met ho showed us his room lived by himself in north greenwood. He showed us his basement, which used to be a workshop that he would build this cool little japanese lamps.

Steve and I finished off the day with happy hour wine, french onion soup and bruschette at the Acorn Cafe. We were the first ones there, and we had the sunday paper all to ourselves.

I had driven by there a lot on my way to Matador or La Isla in Ballard, and it always opened late so I never got the chance to stop in.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the bruschetta, but the wine was good and cheap, the service excellent and the soup delicious.


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