Its Fall and I’m Still Looking!

October 27, 2006 at 7:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment


The Seattle housing market is really tight right now. I’m taking a couple days’ break from looking at places – I’m kinda burnt. 🙂 Hopefully more luck this weekend!

Tuesday I had plans to meet Tim for Lunch and I had to see Kirsten so I invited her along. We went to this Italian sandwich shop in the market that was SO GOOD! there were these enormous yummy panini sandwiches you could get grilled for only $5.25. I had half and a soup.

Tim knows exactly where the stores he likes to go are – he took us to the scandanavian meat store and bought a bunch of bologna and bacon. Then we hit up the market spice store- there were out of the italian seasoning tim wanted but they let us sniff thier other spices and he purchased some hanburger seasoning instead. On the way down the steps I spied some super funky boots that this girl was wearing. I was able to take a quick pic of her boots when she paused on the stairwell.

After lunch, Tim and I drove over to the arboretum, and poked through the giftshop. Then we went for a stroll in the trails next to the center. The trees were totally gorgeous. There was an older woman in the giftshop, she was volunteering and was very nice.

When we got outside I told tim that I think the lady in the visitor’s center liked him. Tim wasn’t interested, but i thought they looked cute together later when we saw he out on one of the paths.

she was looking for a certain flower that she thought was very pretty. It was totally purple!!

I love fall.


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