Friday 11/10 to 11/11 – Vancouver

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The next day was rainy as expected, but we were excited, and got up in time for breakfast, served to order. You can order eggs any way you like, or pancakes. But not both.

There was also an assortment of cereals, breads, and fruit. You shared a table with the other travellers. There we Eastern Europeans, Asians, a French group, and a family from Buffalo, New York whom Brad and I chatted with the next morning over breakfast.

I didn’t take my camera to breakfast but I got a couple shots of the kitchen after it had been cleaned.

Since it was pouring and we had not decided what we were doing and my eyebrows needed plucking, I decided to hit up a pharmacy for a couple travel maps. I got one of vancouver and one of victoria (where I had reserved a room for the Sunday night) a pair of tweezers, and some Swedish chocolate for my freind Steve.

We decided to just go back to the room and relax, so I drove around a bit to get acclimated then I headed back to West Vancouver. I eat primarily organic food so I drove around for quite a while until I found an organic grocery store. It was run by Asians but with a lot of natural foods. The language barrier and the measurement system impeded a swift exit – apparently a quarter pound translates to 400 milligrams of product in Canada. Yeah, gimme 400 milligrams of that there Monterey Jack. Go figure!

I had to make yet another trip to find wine, since alcohol, is sold in separate stores than food. Government run or licensed shops sell booze and wine, at reasonable prices! We had to make two seperate stops, one at the wine shop and another to get vodka for Brad.

Back at the room, we watched cable and ate hummous and read and relaxed. The rain came down and we passed out and took a three hour nap, got up, drank more, read, and watch movies on my freind Bradley’s laptop.

I It felt sinfully indulgent but was rather innocent fun with two platonic friends. Bradley had some rough times recently and was happy to get out of SF. I broke out with my craft bag which has my summer photos which I need to sort as well as the map of Victoria. The maze of streets was daunting.


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