Long Live Saturdays.

February 3, 2007 at 11:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well let me just say that the weather in Seattle has been absolutely insane. For a place whose tempurate is generally fairly temperate, if not a bit chilly, the past few months have just been insane. this has definitely been the most intense winters that i’ve seen in the three that i’ve been here.
we’ve experienced power outages, hail, thunderstorms, freezing tempuratures for days on end, and unexpected cold dips. ha

your humble author has kept herself busy with personal work and of course, quality time with friends. My roommate Nathan, and my friend Uncle Tim brewed some beer in December.

I’ve been doing some hiking as well, and am looking forward to a trip this month to the peninsula. I hiked at Couger Mountain on New Years Eve for four hours, did Rattkesnake Ledge for the first time in a couple years a coupe weeks ago, and want to do the Mt Si hike soon.

I got a new sleeping bag, a new compass, gps, cool maps of the peninsula, and Tim gave me down outerwear as a gift, a vest and a coat.

I finally have a car too, but it has some issues so its just sitting in the driveway, I’ll post more about that later, with some pics! Its a 92 VW Passat Vagon, and I love it!

This is just kind of a lame update for now. I’ll drink a beer and think about how my new post will be so much cooler. Long Live Saturdays.


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