A Sore Bottom

March 7, 2007 at 9:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

With little free time on my hands and a gazillion projects going on, every day is an adventure.
Even though it is work, I enjoy blogging, so when I am busy and have things to do it is often at the bottom of my list of things to do.
Today, I went on the Burke-Gilman trail for the first time. I rode from Gasworks north about 45 minutes at a pretty good pace.

The whole trip took about tow hours including the snack break. Uncle Tim started throwing trail mix at the ducks and they all starting fighting. it was hilarious. there were seagulls and green and brown ducks and a couple crows in there too all fighting for Tim’s trail mix. I remember reading that his sign has a real zest for life. I couldn’t help be reminded of that as I watched Tim lure all the birds away from another group by the waterfront. It was good trailmix!
Around the UW the path is fairly crowded but all in all its a very pleasant ride. A good workout too! I wish I took pictures. 😦 My butt hurts pretty bad. ;-<
Uncle Tim figured out how to make a cd so I finally have the pictures of my gorgeous organic turkey from last FAll. I wish I had taken more pictures of the table.
I find myself wishing things. hmm. on Thanksgiving, Nate and Uncle Tim helped out and made a couple things of thier own. Uncle Tim hooked up the gravy, in the good ole fashioned way, while Nate helped out with the mashed potatoes. I was up late the night before making pies and I was tired! It was a roommate thanksgiving to remember!

tonight chris set off fireworks outside, and they’re drinking lite beer instead of PBR for a change!! wowwweeee! I might have to join them soon.

…mm, lite beer. I’ve been on a no beer lo carb diet since january. i’ve lost six poundS!! 🙂

anyhow, I’ve done a ton of outdoorsy stuff too. Its the theme for this year. More about that in my next post! The last of the pictures I have from the fall are some pics from the Aboretum. Of me. How fitting. Tata!


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