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I resolved last year to spend more time on outdoors trip this year. I am sad to report that your humble author does not have her own pics to verify the following facts, but they are, in fact, true.

It all started on New Year’s Eve. I did not make plans prior to this most important holiday. Aside from going to see Black Christmas (remake of a classic horror flick) on xmas day, I hadn’t made any exciting plans.

I had various ideas about parties and whatnot, but I just wasn’t feeling like partying. I wanted to try something different.

Thinking of the wonderful trip I had taken to Vancouver last fall, I thought it would be good to get outside. Alone.

I was out late the 30th with a cute gentleman by the name if ______ I had met at an impromptu xmas party my roomies had here at the house. I came home from the movie expecting to eat and go to sleep, and there was a group of people making bloody mary’s. Soon a few Russians showed up. Next thing you know some Polish folk came by. It was a fun night!
I had a late start so the trip I had planned to the Sol Duc was delayed, since I didn’t get to the ferry in time. It was a challenge finding something nearby, but remote. I chose Cougar Mountain. I won’t bore you with the details but it was a lot of fun! A little scary too, especially when I stopped seeing people, lost my cell phone signal, go lost and it got dark, and I wasn’t at the trailhead I was supposed to be at when I was picked up right before dark. WHEW!!
I’ve hit Rattlesnake, Sequim/Peninsula, Cougar Mountain since the New Year and have spent practically every weekend on a hike, short or long. I’m going to San Fran next week but I hope to have something set up for April at a Ranger Station somewhere.
The latest trip was out to the Louella cabin in the Olympic National Forest. You can rent it for only $40 a night. Right now there’s no running water, but there’s electricity, a cozy stove, and some somewhat clean utensils and dishes. Meager yet adequate. I also visited the Neah Bay/Cape Flattery trail. If you have not been on this hike, make sure you do it if you can, it is absolutely exhilirating. Here are some pics of the trip back in 2004. And here is the 2007 trip. Lukas couldn’t come this time. It was a blast!!!


Kirsten and Jonathan joined Uncle Tim and I. Its a two room cabin that can sleep six but was full at 4. It was good, because its a small Cabin.
Tim and I had bunk beds and Kirsten and Jonathan had thier own little room with a double bed. At night we drank a lot and talked till we got sleepy. What fun it was, I was sad to go.

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