Derivative Thoughts

March 28, 2007 at 6:07 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Sometimes when I find that I want to post, I often have had a couple beers or a glass of wine and the creative juices are flowing. Its late at night, and I might find myself seated alone at the dinner table with a homespun Ramen Noodle concoction and some wine. Those nights are nice!
Sometimes, I do it up tho! Usually I do a taco nite (tuesday) and if no one comes home I leave the leftovers in the fridge with folk’s names on it. Uncle Tony always eats- its just a matter of time. Uncle Chris eats too but he says he doesn’t want any. Uncle Nate usually eats too but its hits or miss especially now that he’s moved out.
Since going to San Fran from the 15th to the 23rd, everything has been a blur. It seems like I didn’t do much, but when you add up all the different things I did (many which weren’t photographed since my batteries died) I actually have been up to quite a bit.
I thought I’d do a day-by-rundown of events, but there were some that I’m still digesting so I’m not sure what to say about them now. There are some things that I find hard to discuss with anyone., :-/ , much less try to sort them out in a blog post.
What if I generalize? Amidst a lot of change, reflecting, and orientation, there is a lot of chaos and temptation all around me. From insane all night parties to a message from a suitor, it seems more and more I live in a world that is filled with desire. Its really interesting as a person who is reflective to find myself confronted with elementary situations that I struggle to relate to.

My standard procedure is a very conservative approach. I know not to stay out too late or hang out at my roomie’s house parties too long because I won’t be able to have more than a couple drinks. I am usually in my room with the door closed by 1am. By the time the party is going I’ve had my fill and I don’t get to see the low point of any evening or any less than desirable traits of my fellow party-goers.

Its really not much different from what I do most nights- which is have a couple drinks with dinner. When we have a party, I greet instead of read, its all the same.
The aftermath of these gatherings, however, are to be reckoned with~~!!

Insane, I know. I wasn’t there – so don’t ask!! 🙂

I guess that will fulfill my need for a post tonight. I feel like there’s more to say, and I have so many pics from my pics, but alas, that will come some other night. Not tommorow, as I’ll be at the market in the am, getting a physical in the afternoon and working on 3d in the evening. Soon, my adventure will be known. Even sooner, more will unfold!!! ONWARD HO!


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