I’m sick, and a size 3/4

April 1, 2007 at 6:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Sundays are supposed to be the most relaxed day of the week. Its late, and my day is finally winding down. I’ve got my cozy smartwool socks on (thanks Uncle Tim!), having some organic Earl Grey and listening to Christian Monks chanting on the classical music station.

Its been insane!! I turned off my phone last night because I knew it would be ringing, either someone to look at our room for rent, someone to buy my car, who knows? When I woke up, someone had called me, it was the German Car Mechanic (yes, he’s German too!) calling to see if I need to have him look at it. I called him a few days ago because my poor Passat overheated when I went to put some gas in it. why are my eyeballs burny? :-<
My roommate Chris has been sick a lot and so I suggested we go get some Pho the other day. I thought I had a sore throat lingering from being on the plane, but I was actually getting sick too. We went to go to get the soup, and I suggested we take my car, since I hadn’t started in up in a few weeks. We went to get in and it wouldn’t start. bummer!

This morning, not only did I have someone calling to look at the car, another person who wants to look at our room, I have to recharge the battery, get groceries, and various other things. It was a way busy sunday. I also had plans to see two friends today. I am so sick tho!

I’m on day three of a month free from all alchohol!! 🙂 I wonder how much weight I will lose! Ha this is awesome! I was going to post these like before and after pics of how skinny I used to be and how much weight I’ve gained since I’ve been in Seattle.

Anyhow, the whole point of the drinking and weight thing is, I never really drank when I was in SF, I was a hungry student and would ride my bike to work. I was a lean mean size zero machine. I miss those days! I did get really thin here in Seattle too, it was weird. I came here, left my BF of many years, and began a love affair with beer. I put on 15 lbs fasT ! and kinda stayed there. Then I started working in a souvenir shop instead of an office and the weight came right off! back to zero! Like I cared anyway!

Then, I wanted to be healthy. I was living in Belltown and trying to hang with my lushy friends and I couldn’t really keep up. It seems like everyone I knew in Seattle could and liked to drink – a lot. I jsut stuck to beer. I would wake up in the morning, roll over and stretch, and my poor calf muscles would seize up! Its a horrible way to start the day, let me tell you.

So I decided to start running. I was hungry all the time, and last summer nothing pleased me more than to come home from work, fire up the grill, make some guacamole, crack open a kiltlifter *drool* and grill an organic turkey hotdog. This ritual was usually followed by another beer or two.

At the beginning of this year, in addition to “getting out there” more, I resolved to slim down. No more beer! I have had it here and there, but its been mostly wine. As you could imagine, I found myself drinking wine often. Beer was a guilty pleasure. Why oh why do I love it so much? It is because its tasty and fizzy? Is it because it goes so well with hot cheese dip? Is it because you can guzzle it on a hot summer day after a long run?

Nowadays my meals are a lot healthier, and primarily vegetarian. I eat red meat 1-3 times a year. But there’s always wine involved.

I wonder if my writing is different when I don’t drink. It just usually pours out of me, and it comes out pretty good, albeit with a few typos. Will my blogs still rock? Will I be able to do some good screenplay work? Will I lose weight? Be more productive?

I’m on day three. I haven’t seen any weight coming off yet, but I’m hopeful. I want to see that little roll I have go away – so far, I’m more productive later into the night, I have less of an appetite, and I’m saving money. I know I seem torn about it, but I am actually very happy to say I’m not drinking alcohol for thirty days! Woo Hoo!


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