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Your author grudgingly admits to breaking the rule. The goal of this post, and sharing honest feelings about the whole thing is,….is,..can it be, an act of…. humility?

The 30 days not a single drop of alchohol rule. Bear in mind, most of my favorite beverages were of the more fermented low alcohol persuasion, further fueling your narrator to increasingly imbibe of the varieties of effervescent refreshment which abounds in this fair city. I guess 30 days no alcohol sounds, like, *gulp*, something an alcoholic would say!
All pretentious grammar aside, I broke the rule.
The other week after that insane party we had here the night after I got back from SF, I discovered a bottle of Barefoot Champagne in the carnage that was the aftermath of what seemed like a rather relaxed and casual gathering of a few good friends.

When Tim and I decided (at my suggestion) while we were out enjoying a magnificent climb to the top of Little Mt. Si, that we take a break from any sort of drink, beer, wine, what have you, he eagerly agreed, confident he would lose weight, and have more energy if he didn’t have that daily glass of wine.

Well its been six days, and I finally had some folks over to see the car. Now, I have never sold a car. I discovered today that there are really few feelings that are sadder than being excited and confident in a sale, or during a sale, only to have your buyer walk away. :-<
This selling a car thing is scary.
Anyhow, after a couple rejections (OW!) your author was feeling a wee bit down and out of sorts.

I didn’t immediatly reach for that bottle of Barefoot as you might imagine, but instead I realized I am probably tired from adding running to my usual 3 mile walk with Lukas. So I grabbed some books, got in bed, and promptly watched trash TV for like 2 hours! BAD!

I didn’t feel too guilty because I have been getting so much work done.

I’m not saying I’m an angel, but as I’m upgrading my computer, reading and doing tutorials on Maya Live\Advanced Compositing \Matchmoving, applying for 3d jobs and internships, taking care of Lukas, doing my chores, hanging out with friends, my Arabic computer lessons, and trying to procure and install resources i need for this learning curve and I am on, I decided, you know what? Its ok to take a break and watch TV.

How am I ever going to be a good filmmaker if i don’t watch more movies and television? I feel guilty watching movies, almost never rent them, don’t own a DVD player, and generally only see movies in the movie theatres, and the only channels I can watch without guilt are the History Channel and CNN.
I found myself a couple of hours later saying, man, its hard selling a car. I need a drink. :->

Bear in mind the bottle pictured is not the innocent bottle of cheap bubbly in question, but another fine libation enjoyed previously.
I plan to continue the 30 day alcohol free plan, but, I’ve learned from this little slip. Quite a slip I would say too, since I gave away the beer and wine I had about the house and ended up drinking half a bottle of cheap bubbly. ah well, at least I can say I went down in style!
I think being consious helps when making descisions, even when you know you’re making what might not be the best choice. Awareness in itself is a virtue. I’m sure Gurdjieff would agree.
I’ll do my next post on all the cool books I’m reading. That’s all for now!
This is my awesome roomies Chris and his Demo- I mean, puppy. Named Maxine! more on her recent add to Myspace and the the beast becoming virtual soon!

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