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I just thought I should post because this is a time of a lot of changes and writing it out helps me sort it all out and reflect. No, I have not been drinking. Its interesting how wine helps you reflect, but sometimes I feel like I would just sit there and space out. My roommate Chris is starting to appreciate wine (not a bad thing to do when PBR or a Heini is his drink of choice! ) hence the day dreamy quality that is perfect for writing.

Its no wonder writers throughout time have always relied on the old classic combination of wine and tobacco. I had a stint with some rather fine turkish tobacco I would hand roll a couple of years ago when I first started running, coincindentally. A freind was trying to quit and gave me a platic ziplock full of this delish turkish imported tobacco. For anyone that has ever smoked, you know what good tobacco is. I was never much of a smoker, It still has the same effect it had when I first had it at summer camp; it gives you a head rush and you have to sit down. But I really couldn’ say no when this stuff was offered. I’d have a couple of puffs and the end of most nights. Yum.

I have some rather interesting things to mull over and want to talk more about wine and intoxicant in this post, but first, I have to mention some things that I can say are not going well, or that bug me. I’m a pretty easy going happy girl, no PMS, my moods vary from happy to SUPER MEGA ULTRA HAPPY, but when there’s a lot of little things that bug me I just like to air them out, exorcise them.

1. My shoulder hurts – I bumped it into the wall cause I’m clumsy sometimes. I walk into walls sometimes too. Its the shoulder I’ve partially dislocated and so I’m bummed I hit it so hard being dumb. 😦

2. Lukas needs a bath. He stank up my freind’s Steve’s car today, so so badly that when Steve got a flat and we drove to the closest shop to get the spare on, the mechanic winced when he caught a whiff of the car. It was seriously foul, a rank stench emanating from his bung.. I guess he farted and there was some reside. It was truly putrid and we had to endure it for about an hour and a half as we went to the DP – dog park. :_(

3. I have to move all of my programs from one drive to another and the thought scares me. I just got my long awaited upgrade (I’ll post pics of this soon) and my roomate T-Bone had to install a second Operating System on my new drive, which means I have to migrate DOZENS of hi-end hard to install graphics programs. Some one call that nerd brigade company, I’m hurting over here…. ;-/

4. Oh yeah. I have filed my taxes yet.:- —-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away screaming* ha ha.

seriously, though, I’ve been getting a lot done. I’ve read a lot of books this year, both interesting fiction and 3D//Compositing training manuals.. I’ve also been really good with my Arabic Lessons. And I’m doing storyboards, a lot of them! This not drinking has actually done wonders for my productivity. Less staring off into space daydreaming I guess! OH YEAH!! And here’s the BIG NEWS!!!! DRUMROLL……………………………… ……………………………, ……………………… …………………………. I’m going back to school!!!! I know, I didn’t think it would ever be done. But I think it will help me in getting a job (funny how that works!) and I can finish my senior year online! 🙂 I’m going for the 3D Animation major, I can’t wait to hear Mohammed’s reaction. He’s my old instructor.mentor from the Academy.

We would go to Islamic Conferences and 3D Tradeshows in SoCal and eat chimichangas and makes jokes and have so much fun. Here are some pics from the lunch we had at a cool Middle Eastern restaurant on Divisadero on this last trip in March. Mohammed has the long curly hair and Angel (who also teaches at the Academy, good FRIEND I met my first semester, way back in 98) is the one sitting next to me.

No intoxicants, and I am having quite a time. A GOOD TIME!! I’m half tempted to break out my old florida photos from last year (I found the disc they were on) and post them on here so I can brag about my progress. I was a wee bit over weight last summer, as in, oh, 10 lbs? Mainly from running. And Beer.

Enough about my weight except to say I am down to 133 thanks to no alcohol! Amazing. And a “militant” diet, as my roommate Chris observed admiringly. I just avoid carbs, cheese, eat smaller portions and more frequent, healthy meals. And exercise daily.
I like this painting in this really cool old book I have, its the Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam, a thirteenth century Persian mathematician. All the illustrations in this version are a variation of the same pattern, drunken maidens and bold princes at repose in a verdant meadow. The colors are bright and happy, and the pose of the woman is indicative of some tantric knowledge or experience by the painter, who is also Persian. The female is receptive of her suitors’ energy, but she doesn’t resist him or return his ardor. He gives of himself and she takes him in. This is the essence of tantra, pure and simple.

Its interesting because I think I have another, more sumptuously illustrated version of this collection of poetry. The other book is much prettier, its embossed and has gold leaf, the sort of book you take to the park with you, with a bottle of wine as you try to savor the visual feast laid out before you.

“Here with a loaf of bread
Beneath the Bow
A flask of wine, and book of verse
And Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness
and Wilderness
is Paradise enow.”


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