August 11, 2007 – My failure is thier success

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Here we are again,

Sweet arte drawing me ever near.

During the show pilot, one of the things that moved so much of the energy and kept things going was momentum that was born from the faith and confidence I had in the show idea.

Whether or not you like what some of the artists in the show are doing, they have to do it for Arte. And no, some of them don’t always like every minute of it. Its all a challenge.

Despite this, I have a great deal of enthusiasm and drive to create a technically impressive and content-rich show. I’m not here to outdo the winner of  the pilot. I simply wish to enhance and grow upon a wonderful and enriching project for all involved.

It’s been challenging for all involved. I have deadlines, travel, and time restrictions. The artists have time constraints, marketing needs, and are always busy, or course, dealing with life and Arte.  

Despite difficulties, challenges, doubts, we move our way forward.

Pure Conjecture? Hardly.

Midway Orchestra -Dead ALIVE show : 8.17.07

Las Vegas Host/Intro Shoot : 9.3.07

Art Walk/619 Western Shoot : 9.6.07

Little Red Studio (troupe interviews) : Agreement, Date TBD

James Kelsey (Pigs on Parade Auction) : 10.12.07

Hot Mystery Show I have yet to scure a shoot for : 10.27.07

Michael Sherwood/Captian Sweep : Agreements, Dates TBD

Although I’m not sleep deprived, over-worked, and unorganized, you inspiring artists have as much of my devotion as ever.

Yours Most Truly,

Arte Vivant Show


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