August 13, 2007 – Finally

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so many thoughts pass through my head. Even when I’m not working on the blog. I try to preserve these and remember, so that I can share these with you, my anonymous readers. I keep trying to focus on actual updates and not so much rambling, but who else is going to listen?

Moving slowly and steadily – in addition to the camera and audio equipment purchases, and two recent city shoots (just filler footage of the insane and copious amounts of construction going on) and the endless planning, training, organization and producing that fills my days (life management has kind of taken a back seat for now~) I am as busy as ever. But no exciting deadline, drunken, crazy, shooting seven days in a row kinda fun going on. Not yet, anyhow. Hopefully my exit from being the host will herald a whole new era of excitement. OOOH! A host search! The main delay in getting more video out right now is a new laptop purchase I have to make. The operating system I’m running on my computer doesn’t support the software needed to edit my new HD footage.

While my new writer and I develop the pilot, I’m on the hunt for even more equipment. I’m half looking forward to it and half dreading it. I create motion graphics, will have to record the narration, edit, compile, render, and shop it around. No small feat for your humble author. But I positively love editing! 🙂
If I die, let it it be drowning in wine and awesome video footage.  I would settle for a  wooded tranquil glen as well.

I think about what constitutes energy, and excitement. I think about how for many artists, thier experiences begin much like mine; a new idea, and a great deal of energy in the novelty and enthusiasm for a budding project.

The show pilot created so much momentum because of the time deadline, the singular experiences during that time, and what was at stake for not just me but for the artists as well.

The blog and the additional time I’m taking to develop a really cohesive peice is definitely changing the dynamics of the show. Before, I was a reclusive, shy hermit who eschewed the idea of anyone knowing my name or anything about me.

In fact, I am so anti-promotion and non me-centric I am prone to giving really evasive answers  to the inevitable question, “where are you from?” from someone that hasn’t met me before. 

I’m all, “its depends on what you mean “from”.


That’s classic.

I love it.

Today, I cast aside those restraints for the love of this show. I haven’t changed. I remain as devoted to my ideals and purposes as ever. I am surrendering myself to Arte and have to make sacrifices of many kinds to do so.

And yet we gain so much from our efforts.

I am still with you!


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