August 21, 2007 – What a surprise

November 22, 2008 at 11:43 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

After defeating a one day bug that had me violently ill, I also had to suffer the effects of a most strange weekend.

Usually your author has everything planned down to the last detail. Sure, things always get off track or go wrong at the events. That is why I am on my game, consistent and measured in everything I do.

This past weekend, I was so busy with everything I didn’t realized I had to shoot the Midway Orchestra performances twice, since they were playing both nights at the Pure Cirkus shows. I shot the first half of the Friday show (8:00 to 10:30) and then the second half of the Saturday show (9:45 to 1:00). I have become very good at holding a camera very still without the use of a tripod, and anticipating changes in performances. OK!

Now its time to get really good at editing HD footage. I’m really excited about this, still waiting on the laptop purchase, still cranking away, and yes, I am working on yet another pilot.

Back to my point, after the show, instead of crashing on a friend’s couch nearby, I decided to accept an invitation to go out for a drink. I thought I was going to a regular bar, but I found myself in a strange place filled with smoke, men in three peice suits, and hungry looking women. I was frightened and clung to my chaperone, trying not to look too lost.

I went and got some water and waited while my companion exchanged pleasantries. I tried in vain to dance and relaxed. How can I? At some of the Arte events, I notice sometimes I am being watched. This situation was no different. Oh woe! How long before some stranger makes his way over? What do I do then?

I turn around, and I see none other than a beautiful princess with a painted face. My heart leapt with joy, and my evening was complete. I decided to make a premature exit after her departure with her date. What a strange evening.

Best to stick to the routine next time, for everyone’s sake.
I apologize to those I may have abandoned. 


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