August 7, 2007 – All of the World is Filled with Desire

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The Artists are our life. Thier life is the Artes.

Artists seek inspiration and creativity above all else. Spectators and participants crave the spectacle. We wade through oceans of fake blood, fight our way through sweaty crowds, endure cold dripping rain and Rainier beer from the keg, – just to bring it all to you! What will be the fall of our humble enterprise? It very well may be a global catastrophe, because nothing can stop us now!

Show production is going surprisingly well, despite my difficulty in pinning down an idea for new intro. I will keep this person’s identity secret, but suffice to say we may now be armed with a new contributer to our efforts here on the back end. While I continue to produce (I LOVE setting up shoots!)  we just may well have found a way to lend a powerful new addition to the Arte force. I’m working on which artists and episodes I want to feature in the new HD version of the pilot. This person’s role is vital to the development of this. You thought it was hot before, it’ll be like entering the 8th circle in a few weeks!

I’m like in basic training right now in preparation. Running and hiking more, putting down the wine bottle, readying my tools to come out on top. I’m planning to get over my creative slump in figuring out my intro by creating some 3D motion graphics for the text and think of a way to create an intro that will leave some room for me to elegantly exit stage left, yet still keep the same spontaneous and fun flavor to the show. After all, non one is interested in the fact that I’m a workaholic with the end to conveniently avoid things like dates and even more distracting fun.

All joking aside, I have a number of equally engaging projects that take up just as much room on my plate as the Arte Vivant Show. School, Pixel Corps, 3D/Film/Integration Training, the films, my sweet dog Lukas.

Thank you again for being a part of it, I am enjoying the peace of mind and vision my solitude affords me, as I carefully tend to our simmering creation.


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