August 4, 2007 – Edge of the Arte Life

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One of the most beautiful things about this show, and life in general, is the mystery. I don’t mean not knowing what is going on. I mean what happens when we’re not doing anything.

Ok, it seems like I don’t make sense. But I’m trying to express an indistinct idea.  That is the beauty of it!

Right now, the only thing that is clear to me is that I’m a much better writer when I’ve had some wine. But your host is trying not to always make a marraige of drink and work. Because I am a workaholic. HA! I still got it. 🙂 So yes, I am trying to take a break for a bit from the daily routine of wine as I settle in for a long night of training, staring off into space, and wondering how on earth I’m going to take care of everything I have on my plate.

Why lie? I like beer. Haha. There, I said it. Well, its no secret. Most of the artists like beer. And Arte. So we’re all happy.

I was late to my classes at SCAN so I have to push that out for a couple of weeks, which is fine! I’m developing my intro to the show, and I’m trying to figure out the best kind of intro. I don’t know how I got roped into being the host (probably cause I was the only one around when I thought of my show) but if I’m going to own this whole host thing I’m going to have to consider how I might fit into the intro. Why me? I need to meet some more actor friends. But then, would it be Arte Vivant?

Let’s make a 360 back to the original point I was trying to make. On any given day, whether or shoot happens or not, anything can happen – a shoot can go badly, I get a puzzling text message that was mistakenly sent to me, or I just don’t hear back from an artist (there is often one or more in this category at any given time) and I start to wonder. Then something totally unexpected happens. And its usually totally awesome!

Its not my place to question the sanity of my artists nor the logic in my approach. I’m sure the day will come (and perhaps it did this past Wednesday afternoon) when I will say, man, what is going on? Does this make sense? Am I crazy to want this on my show? What is going on?

I find myself asking that more and more. But I think those are good questions, that point to what is undoubtedly a good show. I could regale you with tales of my comings and goings, but I would much rather talk straight to you since I am not under the influence of a drop of wine and I am WIDE AWAKE.

Tommorow, I am meeting with a potential collaborator who I hope can match my literary prowress (nothing to boast of, I just read a lot regularly – and I’m a nerd in Disguise)  and I am also trying to build up enough Hi-definition footage to create an entire new pilot of the show.

This period I am in right now is a combination of discipline, flexibility, patience, and less wine feuled all night work sessions. Sometimes I shoot Arte events, sometimes not. Primarily I am concerned with serving the artists, managing my relationships, and developing the show. I’m being patient on the tech side because only time and experience will improve that. But, seriously. How much more interesting would the blog be if I were out getting loaded and not coming home instead of getting body paint on my new blouse and sitting alone patiently next to my camera for the evening? Yes, I love to work. In fact, nothing thrills me more than to create Arte, excitement, and bring joy into an artist’s life. Ok, there are things that thrill me more but this is definitely up there! More weekend nights are a love affair, I’m training, scheming, emailing, blogging, and enjoying not knowing what’s around the bend. In fact, its absolutely exhilirating! See now I’m all giddy now! And I have to do a dawn city shoot. How am I going to sleep now?

Well, I’m enjoying my respite from the editing, it kicks my butt. The combination of not enough sleep and too much wine can have a deleterious effect upon oneself. But I am creating Arte too! What love affair isn’t complete without a similarly sweet nectar?

I may have to break down tommorow and have a cold one during my meeting, then I’ll come home rearing to go, and you will likely have some hot new video in the coming days as a result. This is a fun experiment.

Thank you for watching. And waiting.


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