August 7, 2007 – Tell me why is it so hard to be

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. ..oh so lovely. ..

Its a good thing that there’s a lot of Arte pie to go around, because the audience is hungry. I say that referring to my readers. what fun! Don’t worry, there’s video coming too. This is not a blog show!

Many other results of the show besides my mishappen letters to my anonymous audience swirl and twirl as things evolve and proceed.

Oh, the excitement of a newly born pilot. Ah, the nuance and challenge of a continuing pilot!

We wouldn’t all be here if we weren’t having fun, would we? So I wonder, and I actually try not to wonder too much. This show and the energy it creates is an ever changing creation that I actually have quite the love affair with. No, I don’t kiss my monitor. I just look at it alot.

I kill me. Hopefully I don’t kill you. Is this writing ? What is Arte? Who is the Artist? What am I  …. doing???

I’m strengthening my narrative ability, for one. Raise of hands?

hahaha. ok. anyhow. hahahaha.



ok, no, really.

I get to asking myself things. I know one day the line will be reached, the end of the Arte line, you know what I mean? Like, one day, it won’t be an Arte Show.
After all, isn’t that what happens to things? Like the stars of Harry Potter, and the kids from Full House, they all grew up, and the show wasn’t the same anymore.

I’m going to make a joke out of this because I don’t want to get too metaphysical or reveal too much this soon, as  I bid thee farwell, as I have have a whole lot of other work to do.

Sleep Tite,

Arte Vivant Show


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