August 9, 2007 – *Gulp*

November 22, 2008 at 11:30 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

While I may wistfully remember the early days of the show pilot, these days are ever more exciting and tinged with pure electricity.

I suppose I have to acknowledge that our little show has viewers. Be they the Artists, my colleagues, parties unknown, – more than one person is enjoying themselves. Without question, your host is. But I’m trying to keep playing, not look at the audience, because I don’t know who is there.

What tales we have to tell when as we weave the spell of the show! Truly, beyond description. I kid you not.

The excitement is so contagious my dog can’t even sleep right now. That says a lot.

Maybe a 180 back to my original point, I don’t feel like my show is singular in its grreatness, nor novelty. What is being bought forth is the Arte that doesn’t exist for profit, nor fame. Its a raw energy, expressed in a multitude of forms.

I’m certainly not creating the incredible Arte I see created under the most interesting of circumstances and settings, the Artists are certainly not sure what it is that is made when Arte and the Love of EmergingArte Forms come together. There is something greater at play. And we evolve with it and time unfolds.

Yes, these times are exciting. In this place : between the whimsy of a daring pilot, and the focused effort of an HD version, I enjoy the view.


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