August 9, 2007 – Together, We Create

November 22, 2008 at 9:36 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

One of the really things that I like about my silly show name is how it came about, and how about its so right! If there’s anyone over at ON networks reading, we’re sticking with the title! 

Vivant means life in French. Arte is the Spanish word for Art. While it seems like the title is not connected to the show, it actually is. Because when the artists go to such extreme ends to create, where the line between Arte and Life blur, there’s really no distinction between Arte and Life. They become one. Ha, I sound like mister Miyagi.

Fascinating too, is the multiple experiences that is created by an Arte experience that has so many factors in play. For Performance Artists, its the other members of the group. For Found Artists, its the material at hand and working in the public. There are so many factors on which these processes and creations can be enjoyed on, it can make one delirious.

For the Artists, its Arte, and life. Perhaps love. In my show, I make an even greater sacrifice. To stregthen thier Arte, I devote to them my attention, time on my show. A new way of collaboration. A magnification of the Arte process and creation experience.

Truly something to behold.


Arte Vivant


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