December 24, 2007 – Where is the Arte?

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Since my literary ability seems to increase with the proportion on wine, beer, or sake, my poor blog has suffered from the restraint from alcohol I’ve demonstrated as of late.

With work, (yes, actual, paid, freelance film and video related work) volunteer/training/Pixel Corps related, show, online vfx class, and actual school coming up this semester and all the related preparations, I find myself in quite the interesting scenario.

When I was young someone remarked that I was like a straight arrow shooting right for its target.One thing that has hampered me over the recent year has been the sheer number of projects I’ve taken on. No, I am not “burned out” and even if I was, its not as bad as if I were living in LA or somewhere else in California, being bled of my best years and my most precious of resources.

In that spirit, I have put forth 190% over the past year to training, work on the PXC team, freelancing, the show, and supporting the artes in any way possible.
Along the way, I did lose one thing. As I go back, and watch what I hoped to air and help the artists, did I see that somewhere, in the frantic rush to do it all, I lost sight of one important thing.

The pressure I put myself under to finish a show has made it more difficult to find not only the pleasure but most importantly, the artistic goal of the show. I mean, it was like, you, and me, simultaneously, maybe two, or three! and what do you know, its not arte anymore.

I consider this side of the show, my writing and producing and editing, to be part of what magnifies the show. A short hiatus from working on the day by day stress, pressure and madness has helped me to keep this all in perspective. After all, this is the only project I have that doesn’t have a deadline after all! What do you do, when you finish all your hard work at the end of the day? You dream. Your mind wanders, it goes to that place of light and color. I dream of the artes.

It is with this promise, that I forge ahead.


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