December 3, 2007 – Have Pity on me

November 22, 2008 at 12:26 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

The cursed reconciliation rears its ugly head this evening. If I didn’t push myself so hard, I wouldn’t even be here.

Since I am taking a 16 week online class, just finished one of my freelance contracts, and just finished a weeklong paid gig doing camerawork, I feel a small sense of accomplishment.

However, I still need to do the intro, finish editing the first episode, pitch something to ON Networks, get caught up with teamwork, move to the city again, find more work, etc etc, that for once, the weight is starting to crush me. I a m never one to give up, though most of you don’t know my previous projects, namely my life’s work, so all you see is this sporaidic blog.

I beat myself up, and think I’m a dork with a ton of unfinished projects. Others see me as ambitious and motivated. In these dark times I remind myself of what the artists live day in and day out. How this work has enriched my life so!

I look forward to giving my all again! This evening I am re-recording the intro since my previous brandy-laced ramble, which there was some value in, and decided whether or not I want to go into SCAN to finish my first episode or splice up the video I have loaded into my editing software now.

I say don’t feel sorry for me, because, its the artist who is devoting his free time to a pursuit with a reward that is apparent to few. They inspire me to push forward.

Onward ho!

Loving you as much as ever,
Arte Vivant


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