February 6, 2008 – Art Show

November 22, 2008 at 12:48 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

I just landed a cool new job, and was poking around for some freelance gigs until it gets rolling, and happened upon a call for artists for an art show for Rejected Artists.
How fun!  

Working out the logistics now, but it would be in a small cafe. I join your ranks! The dispossessed, the weary, the artistic. Here is another chance to shine!

My plan is to showcase artists that participated in my show, and give them some airtime at this art show. The rejected artist? Me! The glory? Yours!

I’ve been holding off on beer because I have gotten to the point where enjoying a cold microbrew while I work away is no longer beneficial. I can stay up way later and go a lot faster when I’m not feeling contemplative and slightly buzzed. Ah well. I’m a little slimmer but no less cool! Just not blogging as much as a result.

I got some very cool audio and B-roll with my favorite new artist in California and spent some quality time after the madness at MacWorld shooting some b-roll, enjoying some papaya rum as his friend as I discussed the finer points of language, thought, and expression. I got really good audio of this but no footage. I do have some nice shots of the city, and various other items subPrime has included for his show. I think it’ll be one of the more interesting ones to date!

Looking forward to getting back to SCAN now that things are a little bit more stable. One of the reasons things get hectic is the irregularity in my schedule. I have to leave myself some breathing room for projects that come out of nowhere. But now that I have regular work on the near horizon, I can focus on getting back to the artes, independent filmmaking, and of course, more training.

There are three classes I want to take at SCAN this month, and I should also have time to get back in there now and again to finish editing. Of course Sir Mark is first up to bat, his episode was almost complete last October before I left for two weeks. After that, it would be really fun to jump right in and do the Midway Orchestra peice. Then, prepare yourself! ..for something a little different.


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