January 6, 2008 – She rides, and writes!

November 22, 2008 at 12:47 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

So here we are again, big week ahead!

A break that’s come in fits and spurts has been a blessing! I usually head for the hills and am off on some vacationing whenever I have spare time or need a break. But, traveling long distances in the dead of winter with destinations unknown isn’t the most viable idea, so I opted to take out a lot of library books, do some new local hikes, and spend quality time with dogs and friends, lots of phone calls home.

What else? A little paid work, team projects, class, figuring out when to start at Evergreen (Tacoma or Olympia, what will it be?) a few flirtatious emails, not much else to report.

But yes, while it may seem that I delight in having a jam-packed schedule and always having really good excuses like having no time, when there’s nothing cooking is when things really start to get interesting.

Nonwithstanding the swoops and dives of my tireless imagination, there is an steady energy that persists, that I have to chill out and listen to sometimes! and the past two weeks it told me to take a breather. So I wrote the script for the next show.Performance Art, here we go!

I need one interview with my newest other white-covered paint artist, and to digitize some footage. I am ready to jump in the editing pool again. When it comes naturally to me is when I work best, its definitely flowing right now.

A weeklong business/artist interview- fun trip next week will give me a much needed opportunity to focus on editing and dirty my cute new luggage. Wish me luck!

Arte Vivant/Sea Show


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