July 19th, 2007 – Do we have to keep this up when we’re alone?

November 22, 2008 at 3:20 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Here we are again ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for all the interest in the blog and the show.

I’m trying to keep the lid on the preverbial arte pot for a couple days to kinda cool things down. I have other projects and priorities, and Arte Vivant takes up all my time when its sizzling under high heat. The pressure in the cooker is intense!

I’m excited about the fall  – although there are a couple more events to shoot this summer, the hilight of this season I think will culminate in this month, with big events unfolding, like the Midway Orchestra’s PURE:EVIL event <6/26>, as well as the Little Red’s Season Finale Bash <6/28>, which I hope I might be able to capture. 

I’m trying to keep momentum going but turn down the flame just a wee bit to get caught up.

After the orientation class this Saturday at 10am, I also have to take two 2-hour classes at SCAN on August 4th, the day that I was planning to go the big cookout on Fox Island at Artist/Painter JohnnyWOW!’s place. 😦

Anyhow,as a result of this, within a few weeks therein I should be able to begin borrowing the HD cameras that they lend thier producers, and shooting many more interesting Arte Events.

In the meantime, I am continuing my training with the Pixel Corps, getting back into school, and trying to get Sir Mark and Performat’s HD episodes up and running. Stay tuned for the debut of Sir Mark the Poet’s 6.22.07 performance at PERFORMAT this weekend!

I’m also exploring other avenues for obtaining an HD camera. I’m still testing/researching the best gear. I rented a Canon HV-20 in June, and haven’t decided where/how I’m going to get an HD camera for next weeks’ shoot. I think I cause a lot of excitement/confusion in my own disorganization.

Hopefully this blog will help that. And also give my artists a chance to keep an eye on what I was doing. During the shooting for the pilot <4.24.07-5.21.17> I had little time to sleep, much less stay in communication, and most of my time was spent organizing, producing, and shooting. Not much time for research.

The tables have turned now and I am spending a lot more time getting tech issues down and exploring options for recording and equipment. Once the technology matches the brilliance of the artists, Arte Vivant will truly be a stupendous creation to behold.

Yours Truly,

Arte Vivant Show


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