July 20, 2007 – Arte Vivant loves you , and Butoh!

November 22, 2008 at 3:52 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

I have a love affair with the intruguing artists I hope to help give a voice through my show. No, I don’t mean the cute or interested/ing artists that want to explore beyond the art. I mean the intruiging, undefined creations that arise as a result of a most interesting collaboration. Your Arte. My show!

This Saturday nite, like so many others, if I’m not at home working on editing some fabulous work for you, I am out filming or meeting you- The Artists of Arte Vivant!

As was the case this evening. I was transfixed by the performance of a Butoh performer named Khadija I had the pleasure of watching perform this evening. It was an outdoor event, its raining in July, and the show must go on – promptly at 8:30! And she is literally covered head to toe in white paint – yes, under the clothes too.

It was an amazing performance. I was utterly enthralled.

Although I was not filming this evening, one of the things I find most interesting of the artists I feature is how they create thier art, seek an audience, and give it thier all whether the camera is there or not. It makes me feel so priveleged to be able to even capture it.

I’m excited to have new artists come into the fold, work on all sorts of Arte Vivant events, large and small, and continue to nurture the relationship I’ve already established.

The artists create. I live for the Arte.



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