July 24, 2007 – Follow Me

November 22, 2008 at 9:06 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

I have to say, things don’t get much more exciting. As crazy as this whole pilot thing has been (along with my insistence on continuing the show, in spite of losing a pilot contest) its been so incredible in so many ways.

The contest is long over, and I am still striving to create greatness. Just today, I made it so I no longer have to rent HD cameras, I just purchased my own! Helped in part by the sale of the used BMW and also by a close friend and benefactor of the artes for the total price tag of $1142, your humble author is now, really, shooting in Hi-Definition. Yes, folks, you heard it right.

I’m blinking because the dazzling lights are just blinding me, but let me also  mention the Zoom H4 recorder, which has rendered my mics obsolete. This thing can capture the subtleties of a person’s tone from across the room.

I’m excited. The artists are excited. Energy is in the air.
A new form of Arte is born.

The Midway Orchestra, and Little Red studio will be benefiting to the upgrades to Arte Vivant this coming Thursday evening at thier practice, and big show, respectively.

Again, we are working hard, and we are doing it for you!

Thank you, artists of Arte Vivant.

Your Humble Host


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