July 27, 2007 – Parrot Feathers and Fire

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Your faithful host has emerged from a big night of shooting unscathed. My “office” is a mess, there are post its, coffee mug, and mini-hdv tape wrappers everywhere!

I had some extra tapes on hand yesterday labeled and everything. I had two camera people over at Heavens for the Midway show and I was over at the Little Red taping a practice. It turns out I didn’t need the extra tapes, because both camera 2 and camera 3 both ran out of battery (I never run out of tape, its always the battery!) right before the finale of the show. I wonder what could top the nail bed, steel-bending or the lovely pierced lady who hammered a nail into her nose.

I arrived much later then I anticipated with the HD cam and the show was sadly over by then, as evidenced by the crowd outside. Some awesome footage was nontheless captured of some silly, some serious, some sexy clowns.

Just as a side note, I find that my tripod doesn’t assist too greatly. It is large, takes forever to adjust, and I have a hard time taking the camera off of it. Wouldn’t it be cool to outfit one of those uber-cool full body camera mounts you see in the high-end camera catalogs? Those are awesome. And it would be like wearing braces when filming those Arte events which involve alcohol and.or parties – keep yer distance!

Ha ha. Well, yes.

Thank you again artists, I went home kind of hungry and with a bit of a headache, but I made it through the night. More ruminations on the future of Arte Vivant – coming,




Arte Vivant Show


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