July 29, 2007 – Taking one for the Team

November 22, 2008 at 9:31 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Being the ever-loyal servant of the Artes that I am, this past week was spent in a frenzy of interviews and events that have left your vigilant host with even more work.

Shooting the PURE:EVIL show, as well as attending the Little Red Studio season finale bash was truly a sacrfice for the Artes. I’ll spare you the painful details, but suffice to say, your host Katherine emerged with two of the same angle of half of the same event (Robyn and Tim, we need to talk! ;->) body paint on a cute new blouse, and a night with simply no footage recorded.     I know.. Don’t Ask! 

All the more reason for us to turn it up a notch. While the shooting situations this week were not ideal, we are still making every effort to leach whatever Arte we can from the most tenacious of scenarios. After all, is that not what the artists do in thier very pursuit of the same end?

If this is one of those scenarios where I’m rambling incoherently but managing to do so while remaining convincing, it is because my powers of persuasion are far more developed than that of any logical deductions I came happen upon. hahahaha. ok, I’m going to bed now.

Luv U,

Arte Vivant

ps- working on new motion graphics, writing, and more editing this next week. Stay Tuned for updates!


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