July 6, 2007 – Arte Vivant Pilot – Episode I – Performance Art: The Midway Orchestra

November 22, 2008 at 12:27 am | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment


Instead of enjoying an interesting art event, I am home at work! Why? Because not every artist is 100% happy and I am trying to do my best to make sure everyone is smiling, even the clowns.

The Midway Orchestra has the most tape time out of all the artists I covered. Thier thrilling and innovative 5.11.07 show was a highly anticipated event by the fans and the performers and organizers at PURE Cirkus. As a result, I followed the band for a month through their practices and the development of thier music pieces.

One of the coolest songs they have performed is the Ruckus song, which I did a video for as part of the pilot, and the band recorded especially for the pilot. While the piece is excellent, I sadly cannot distribute it at this time.

I am going to be posting WIP’s of the new Ruckus video. I have new footage of the band’s performance at the Fremont Fair (truly a spectale!) and hours of thier practices and performance,  and am currently working on a new version of the Ruckus video.

I wanted to extend a sincere apology to the band for the delay in getting a video, as well as an invitation to them to let me film thier performance at thier upcoming PURE: Evil event in Hi-Definition to have some awesome footage they can distribute for thier own use.

This is only the beginning of many very exciting things for this incredible band, and we here at Arte Vivant look forward to sharing many more exciting moments with you and thier many devoted fans.


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