March 31, 2008 – Vittles and Bar Time

November 22, 2008 at 2:34 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Since many of my readers won’t be present when I have what I feel will be one of the most pivotal events of our (not my) humble little enterprise known as the SEA SHOW, I wanted to give my readers a little taste of excitement, a window into my thoughts at this strange and interesting time, when I find myself in a place I’d never thought I’d be.

Between my tech background, and my art schooling, I find myself uniquely positioned to have the opportunity to not only enjoy art, but to elevate it.  The artists I work with are compelling in thier own right, but I give them a platform on which they can rest thier work upon.

Not to mention, all the things I have learned along the way in the past year – and still have yet to learn. Vittles. The answer eludes me. Please, some one tell me, what are vittles? Arte breeds excitement. Learned this one early. Bar Time! That’s a new one!

Despite all the pleasure your host has in working with, meeting, and creating new arte from her collaborations, the end goal of this show is simply to treat artists with the respect and encouragement they deserve.

The sacrificies I make with my time and finances, spending time and money on tapes and batteries, ccrazy nights out with my overnight bag crashed out on an itchy couch in Ballard, so excited I can barely sleep after an another incredible evening of videography and intrigue, what can I trade it for?

Honestly, what can compare? Its a year later, your humble host has been at your service, for one long year. I dare not speak of the sacrifices I’ve made because its nothing compared to the life of an artists. They live to work. For them, I work.

We are coming on the One year milestone of the beginning of a journey that I didn’t know the end of. The beauty of this time, is that our end is more indistinct than ever. Whether its my predictable dating life (or pitiable lack thereof) or the sheer posibilities that arise when you leave arte, life, and actions open to interpretation, there is no end to the excitement. Seriously, my blood pressure is elevated and its all because of you!

I’ve been saying for months to my artists that I am the arte show that loves you the most. Why? Because its true! What do I think of late at night when I’m watching the arts channel over a glass of wine? What distracts me when I have to finish a 3D logo or attend a 2 hour meeting?

You, its all about YOU!!!




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