March 6, 2008 – Don’t let me down

November 22, 2008 at 12:51 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

What an insane week.  Today everyone got to see 28 minutes of gloriousness that is the first installment of the show. Sir Mark’s Single Play will be submitted to the Media Library and hopefully get some more run time this season.

I’m planning to do some interviews tomorrow with as many of the artists as possible, of course the Midway Orchestra is up next to bat, and this, I’m really excited about. James Kelsey is next in line after that. Its all I can plan for now, 28 minutes of editing is no joke.

I’m making really cool and prominent labels with the show logo, artist name, medium, and episode, so that all the artists can identify each other and be easily located in the crowd at the show. If you’re my friend, you are invited. And you will have a label waiting for you.

Tomorrow evening is the epitome of what its all about. Individually, they are each pretty cool. Together, we are a many-headed art force that is amazing to behold, endless in its wonder.

I can’t believe I got lucky enough on such short notice to get so many confirmations. I’m happy to do some groveling if needed, I am after all,

Your humble Host,
SEA SHOW/Arte Vivant


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