November 13, 2007 – Falling Forward

November 22, 2008 at 12:22 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

She’s back! Better than ever? Hard to say.

Ah let’s see, where do I start. I finally feel like I’m beginning to recover from two weeks of non-stop training and practically no alone time to speak of, except the restroom. Back to Seattle and its take care of puppy, finish projects, unpack, edit more, work on life time. agh! To make things easier for me, I’ve been almost completely abstaining from any fermented beverages, except for the 2 beers I had this weekend.

Ah yes, more work than ever. There is an end in sight. My writer side hasn’t been feeling inspired even though there’s more brewing than ever. I spent Halloween there, but the trip was rather innocent as I was doing training or work related things most of the time, and the bulk of my socializing I did took place in one day, and even then, it was partly business, as I had to meet with an artist, or talking about projects with an associate. Lunches were rarely relaxing and usually involved more tech talk. I gained two pounds on the trip and came back with even more to do.

Abstaining has helped me stay focused and get caught up, and I’ve lost the two pounds in the past 10 or so days and am back in fighting form, pulling more all-nighters and pulling feelers out for more freelance work.

Right before I left I had pretty much finished up the 28 minutes of the SEA show, or so I thought. I went in a couple days last week to wrap up a couple things and go over it one last time. Everything was looking good and with some help from the friendly folks at SCAN I rendered my video. It was only when I showed it to the artist that I realized it still needed some work. Oh woe.

Ah, too much griping in this post! Part of why I weigh myself down with an insane amount of projects is that I need to constantly push myself to complete the tasks I set for myself to a level that I am satisfied with, which for me is pretty high. The one thing I have gobs of is patience, so I devote the time neccesary for my endeavors, and this leaves little time for fun and games. When I finally do acheive the impossible, the feeling is Pure elation.

At the moment however, I am behind on the debut of my show – I need to put together my show intro, and fix the little issues with the video.

Also, I guess I run into the editor’s quandry of looking at the same footage over and over again. Its a good thing I mixed it up and made this as soon as I got back from SF:


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