November 15, 2007 – Devotedly

November 22, 2008 at 12:24 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Well here we are again!

I’m in a frantic rush as always to finish finish finish. I’ve been hiking or running every day now, and tommorow is sorta my day off – I have to return the laptop I rented for the bootcamp *sniff* ;-<, go to the library, and meet up with my old pal Steve B for some much needed catching up. BFF!!

So what intruige shall I share with you, my dwindling readership? Ah, there is some. I don’t kiss and tell though!

Its funny how I go from being boy crazy to going to back to my usual reclusiveness in a crazy 360 even I don’t understand. Boy crazy is a bad way to be – there’s a lot to be said for mystery though! Why else would I be almost 30 and still as single and not seeking as ever?

I’m not sure what this fall will bring, I’m busy with my portfolio, and my work on the Pre-Viz team, and keeping up with my fitness routine, puppy and my good friends. I try to read whenever I get a chance. Let’s not forget my freelance work. 😦 I’m so behind. agh.

I am strugging a lot with trying to get 28 minutes of footage to look good, and now that my laptop is saying goodbye tommorow so I can’t finish it here at home. I’m sure once I get to working on another episode (yes, the crazy clowns are next in line) I’ll regain my enthusiasm, but at the moment, I wish I was already done with this one I am working on now.

I am ever devoted to the artes, so hell or high water, I will finish!


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