October 1, 2007 – Wouldn’t you like to know?

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Ah, yes, another long awaited ramble.

I love the fall because it inspires my creativity. Its like the night. I can never write, do screenplay/philosophy work, or edit during the day.

Last Saturday I spent about 8 hours at SCAN editing the first of the four episodes that will be featured on the station this fall. I tried going in to edit during a weekday and the place was just a madhouse. The facilitators were helpful and I actually kind of liked that they all kept coming in to get cords from the editing suite I was in. They’re all so cute in thier own little ways.

Yes, I enjoy what little intrigue I can. That is why I just thrive from shooting but mostly editing and the excitement that entails. Most of the artists are usually thrilled to have a new piece of work to hilight thier talents and share with thier audiences. I seriously am addicted to the rush from an all-night editing session and the wonderful response from the artists. It makes losing the competition and being blown off by other artists more palatable. I always look to the positive.


Let’s see, so much is new.

I kissed a boy. I won’t say who.

I’m going to California for two weeks. This has nothing to do with the boy. It has to do with my 3D work. What 3D work, you ask? You author is mutlifaceted. Embroiled in projects and work that are not at all related to this show.

The show editing for SCAN is going awesome! The show on SCAN has to be different from the one I pitched to ON Networks, it is called the SEA show – Seattle Emerging Artes.

Artwalk is Thursday. I’ll be there again, dodging the curious gaze of those tempting gentlemen that rove the halls of 619 Western looking to hookup when the real artwalk is over. Its probably the most undercover pickup scene ever. Some of the footage I have from there from earlier this year, you can just picture some of these guys like a lion in animal planet, stalking the halls for thier next prey. This month I’ll get there later so that there’s plenty of drunk girls already there to draw the attention from me and camera.

Let’s see…. um, oh yeah! I’m freelancing! Meaning, I’m actually getting paid to do video work now! HOW COOL IS THAT?

I wasn’t kidding. 07 is seriously lucky. If there’s anyone that’s reading, please, make it happen this year. Whatever you do will be magnified, all of your efforts and positivity will be magnified this year.

I was shocked when I was having brunch when Uncle Tim. I cracked open an egg and there were two yolks. At first I was filled with revulsion, and since he is old, Uncle Tim knows a lot of wierd stuff. He said its good luck!

That day I got leads on two editing jobs. AW YEAH!

I have another HUGE EXCITING thing that’s happening. I’ll blog as much as I can from there but I’m not sure how much time I will have.

I’m going to San Francisco for training Visual Effects and 3D. Omg. Too excited.
I can’t wait to eat at Pancho Villa. Wander around at Ocean Beach. Lie in the sun at Chrissy Field. Eat Clam Chowder in a Sourdough bowl. Gaze in awe at Alex Lindsay.

omg. I am going to just die of excitement.

Oh, shite. I’d better start designing that comic book cover I promised to do for Brad. Shite. ok, party’s over. Thanks for listening to my rants and raves.

I’ll be back! 😉


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