October 15, 2007 – Sorry to keep you waiting

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all that excitement and now what? California does strange things to me. The sun, the crowds of gorgeous people, the gobs of single cute guys wandering all alone is enough to make someone really excited or make you hightail back to your hotel room after a yummy burrito.

Mexicans seem to think I’m sexy. The cute hipster guys check me out too but all the other girls are cute too so its just an intereste glance which I usually avoid. I’m getting pretty good at this single thing! Its going to take a real master to shatter this force field, he’ll have to battle against my workaholicism, my discipline, my schedule, and of course, my sweet little puppy. Oh, and you have to contend with my favorite retired mail carrier and best friend Steve B if you want some time with me! Well, I don’t see anyone lining up anyhow, so I’ll just enjoy my little flirtations and delusions that just about everyone likes me! haha what fun. Oh, but it is!

Back to the art: I finished the first 28 minute episode for the SCAN series this fall, and I also FINALLY got all (well all except one, who is on a fishing boat up north) of the band members (including a new singer!) all in one place.

Aside from the silliness, incessant laughing (which actually cracked me up) the bird flipping at my camera, and the reluctant guitar player who must have been a very bad boy at school, it went well. They all arranged themselves nicely as if it were a family portrait, and we were comfortably ensconced in the kitchen of a local cafe during an open mic. Definitely was not an ideal setup, as the kitchen was small so the lights were too hot so it was a little over-exposed, but this interview definitely needed to be done.
I’m looking forward to writing out this episode and exploring the process of this six month journey, as we are at the end of the road in our collaboration.

I’m sure most of the artists realize that there are other episodes to be made and I have to move onto other artists for the next episode installment, but to get a good episode I need at least 2-3 shows and an interview, which can at times stretch into a 2-3 month project. But as I have to actually make a show, I am specific about what shows I need, interviews I want, and I am doing it myself most of the time except for when there’s two shoots in one night, so it usually goes over pretty well.

So, two down and two to go. I am going to work on the Midway episode while I’m here in SF – time permitting – I’m at a training bootcamp for the Pixel Corps, and I am expected to keep my evenings open, and social obligations are my pet peeve so this doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t have a problem with free dinners and evening speakers so I will likely try to attend at least a couple of functions, but I’d rather be editing and training most nights.

Let’s see, what else is new? So Sir Mark’s episode will be airing when I return (still need to make a promo) this will be airing. There’s still no answer on the results of the new ON Networks contest, and I’m debating pitching the show idea for Arte Vivant to them, because I don’t know if it fits in with thier style. I think for now I am content to work with a few artists and put together some nice pieces for them to give back to them for participating in the show.

One of my fellow team members at the PXC is my roommate for the duration of the trip -well I’ll have two nights alone at the end – so there will likely not be too much craziness going on, unless you count being nerdy and talking about software until the wee hours of the morning fun. I love geeks. I am so in my element.

I will be meeting with a new artist for the new Words & Arte show, hopefully he’ll be contacting me soon for a time to meet while I’m here in SF. New artists- what fun!

Thanks for reading – we’ll keep you posted on the debut of Sir Mark’s Full Length video which will be featured on SCAN – Comcast Cable Channel 77.

Next time I write I’ll make sure to have a beer first to get the creative writing juices flowing, I think its the only thing alcohol is good for!



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