October 29, 2007 – Read my blog archive ,cause I’m tired!

November 22, 2008 at 12:12 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Your diligent host and servant of the artes has spent over a week here in Cali, and I’m still wondering, where is the fun? While meeting a new and albeit cute new artist yesterday evening was most interesting, most of my intruiges and excitement only go as far as some interesting glances. No wonder I always wanted to live in a muslim country – the eyes give away so much.

Whether its random surfers on myspace, beloved artists or friends of the artes, I watch the blog numbers rise ever higher and enjoy this avenue for expression. The funnest thing I’ve done in 8 days is shoot the drum circle at golden gate park yesterday, what was initially a sunny sunday afternoon. I ran my camera for a few short minutes, in between the time that the fog rolled in and before my friend Bradley showed up, as we were to rendezvous with his girlfriend, who was skating somewhere around the park.

but as you already know, I thrive on mystery and the unknown. Where art forms meet, where influences converge, bla de bla de bla, is me. Enjoying the mystery of it all. I hope you, my faceless audience, enjoys it as well.

Read my past blogs, enjoy my tired spent rants of how cool it is to post a video for an artist after a wine-fueled 8 hour editing session. Its as good as it gets! Why else would we be here?

Yours ever truly,
Arte Vivant Show


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