October 3, 2007 – Dream of Golden Skans

November 22, 2008 at 12:04 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

Ok, so maybe its not a challenge to be pumping full of adrenalin when you’re so busy you regularly stay up till 4, sleep till 10, then work till four again. With maybe only 20 minutes to blog for fun.

Ever since getting involved with filming artists and creating new arte pieces from our collaborations and ensuing excitement, I’ve had a rich new facet added to my life I would find it practically impossible to give up.

When its “show time”, be it a show, interview, or practice, I am impeccably groomed, organized, have my cards, blank tapes, audio recorder, and I belong to the artists that night.

I had an incredible dream a couple of weeks ago. I was in a large open hall, painted all in white, with columns plastered with exquisite details. There was a large pool in the center, and it was covered in a beautiful silken fabric. There were little girls who had little bathing caps on, water ballerinas and they were in a huddle, ready to jump in, not afraid to jump into a pool covered in cloth.

They were excited and ready to jump in, and I could sense thier excitement. They were encouraged by thier parens and such a sight to see as they huddled and planned their performance. There were alot of other artists there, but I don’t remember who they were or what they were doing, I just remember they were there, gathered around the pool.

All around this vast room were balconies, with a beautiful audience watching our every move. I was next to pool, with my HD camera in hand, there was not a tremble or a shake at all and I was at a dream shoot where everything is going wonderfully and I am center stage taking it all in. Though there are artists all around, I feel all eyes are on me as I pan up and a lens flare from the glare of the spotlight fills the screen of my viewer with white…

Artists, you have truly captured the mind and heart of Arte Vivant. Long live the Artes!


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