October 3, 2007 – Try to Keep up!

November 22, 2008 at 12:03 pm | Posted in vlog | Leave a comment

If I could just scream with excitement virtually I would.

Most folks get excited in thier lives when they meet a new love. For me, the love is the last part of the puzzle, and one I don’t mind leaving open for quite some time to come, because everything else is set.

I scored a cool new gig, doing some marketing but mostly editing, and am waiting patiently for the results of the second ON Networks contest.

A whole two weeks in SF. I always get excited when I go “home.” My mentors, co-workers, business associates, school mates, deep fried burritos, sleepy verdant parks, and tasty sourdough, all in one place!

What is a girl to do?

To top things off, I took on a new contract and have some other editing to try to finish before the VFX Bootcamp in SF, my show, one of the artists called me and she needs footage in the next week for a show she is trying to get, and I need to make travel and lodging arrangements, get really comfortable on certain programs, rent a Powerbook, pack, shoot artwalk, and edit more for my SCAN show, all in less than three weeks.

When you spend as much time as I do on actual work, there is little time for fun. Work becomes fun. More work=more fun. Travel + Work + Intrigue = I can’t sleep because I am too excited and busy and no I am not manic depressive FUN!!!!

I hate to say it, but most men are just icing on an already delicious arte cake.



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