September 22, 2007 – Don’t be afraid

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Ah, just when I think things are taking a nosedive…..

Another big project comes along to stir things up a bit! I’m recovering from a 72 hour shooting and editing bender. When ON Networks announced that they were having yet another contest, there was a part of me that was really excited, and another part of me that was like, oh, no, I thought I was going to die of exhaustion the last time around, I don’t know if I can do it again.

I must say, this post is coming off rather well, even without the fruit of the vine to get the creative stream babbling.

I’m encouraged. 🙂 Anyhow, I remember how much fun it is, and there was a contest after all, with a cash prize and contract at stake. I have an HD camera now. Can I do it? I asked myself. In between all the producer classes at SCAN TV, the collecting tidbits of info on HD and my camera, which I still can not get to capture in Windows XP, 😦 don’t ask) I thought, am I going to just spin my wheels and not be able to do it?

So I decided to sign up, even though I had previous experience earlier this year trying to plan a show, and I knew how many things could go wrong.  What the hell! I signed up and began in earnest to search CL and Seattle for talent for my Pet show pilot. I found a trainer, she interested! WOW, how cool is this. A couple shoots, a week a editing, peice of cake! ha..

My trainer bailed on me after two weeks because she had a special dog she needed to work with full time, and my original show talent backed out as well.
I planned to blow off the whole contest even though I signed up as a registrant in the Pet Show category. I had some footage that I had been gathering while trying to find a trainer, and less than a week. I stayed up all night doing research, trying to determine once and for all if I could actually get my camera to work with XP.

Apparently it does, but you can still have some issues getting the OS to see your camera, which mine did. So I lost a bunch of sleep staying up hoping to start editing with only days left to submit the pilot. I woke up after four hours because I had one final shoot with the awesome new trainer I met and my show talent, and I was preparing, I was in despair. What do I do? How am I going to fiind time to edit this thing with less than two days?

I was in the bleakest of moods, and your poor author was churning with feelings of inadequacy and frustration. OH WOE! I resigned to do the shoot, but give up on the pilot. I muttered under my breath and moped around feeling pretty lame for about an hour or so.

I thought about what a cool and funny show idea it was. How awesome, pretty, and smart my trainer was. How the pet owner with the problem dog was going to cope. They needed me. The contest is on.


I rushed to the MAC store in the U District after my final shoot on Wednesday afternoon and rented a Powerbook Pro for $40 for 24 hours, since I had to mail the pilot by Thursday for it to get there by Friday.

I said to myself, ok, you are going to skip the Final Cut Pro since you just learned how to use it at SCAN, and learn from scratch iMovie, because it is an simpler program and easier to use when sleep deprived.

I plugged in the camera, voila!!! Ok, I have a chance! I only had slept a few hours the night before and knew I wouldn’t sleep that evening either, so I took some vitamins, and resolved not to rest until I finished editing that ******* pilot.


14 hours later, I popped a DVD in to burn off the huge videos as I watched the sun come up. Agh, still have to do a 30 second promo… Bleary-eyed, I watched as the monitor told me I have 28 minutes left on the burn.  I thought, I can’t, do it anymore, I need just a few minutes rest…. So I stumbled into the room, mind reeling with exhaustion and excitement, and told myself I’ll just lie there for a few minutes. A shower would be nice! ….z…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

I woke up with a start. What time is it? Is my DVD done burning? I look at the clock. Oh shite! I ran out to the laptop, cup of coffee in hand. Miserable. Excited. I sat down with determination.

ok, here goes!!!


Even if I don’t win again I feel very accomplished!! Sorry I can’t share the funny vids with you all! 😦


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