September 23, 2007 – Mist you

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I must say, it is a good thing I am too preoccupied to wonder what it is that is causing delays in setting up interviews.

I can understand when some groups, like The Little Red Studio, that don’t allow photography at thier events, are reluctant to set up a shoot.

Well, this is not the place to rant, but I should say I only have interviews with 3 out of the 4 artists I’ve chosen to be featured on SCAN. The fourth knows who they are. Yes, I am patient! 🙂

Anyhow, I know some folks don’t have any particular reason to blow anyone off, some folks just do. I’ll admit to doing the same. But I’m pretty accepting. Actually, when I was recruiting for the show this past spring, I pretty much signed any interdisciplinary artist that crossed my path. Today recruitment is definitely more by assimilation, or rather, shall I say, association. ;->

Many new artists I meet at shoot for current artists. Strangely, still no dates from any of these shoots. Not a problem! I am usually busy pounding an ice cold one or moving between shots to take notice.

I don’t think wearing black helps much in being inconspicuous. Perhaps I should also lose the nice clothes and makeup too! That’s it, just show up in dusty black jeans, a wrinkled old black tee and some beat up old combat boots.


ah well. Back to work.

I can make do pretty good without interviews, I just have to be a bit more creative, perhaps record more of the narration myself.

I have three episodes written that I will record tonight, and tommorow I will be burning off DVD’s to take in source footage to SCAN, and also organizing and cataloging my mini-dv tapes for the editing suites.

Yes, I know. Lots and lots of work. I am a workaholic, but sometimes I just want to have fun. When I do the outlets are far and few between. Hence the frequent blogs. :-/

Righty, O then!


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