September 27, 2007 – A love affair

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No, not with you, silly! JK.

Haha. I’m still a nun by most standards. But far from feeling the need to “sex it up”, I’m trying to shield my personal life from the curious onlookers while maintaining enough interest to keep you coming back for more.

Since this show is about Seattle artists and arte, I will keep it to the subject at hand.

Interesting developments as always. I’m not sure what part of me or why finds things so interesting, but I always manage to inject a fair amount of intruige into all my pursuits, big and small. A sign of an art purveryor or an artist? I’ll let you be the judge. While I am confident in my literary ability, I do wish myspace had an automatic spell checker. *heavy sigh* oh well.

I went in and started editing today and it was going fabulously well until I was booted from the editing rooms. Then later that evening I found out that all of my stuff in storage got wet. And my dog is puking all the time now cause he ran out of food and in the two days it took me to get motivated to get more I fed him eggs and bread. and salmon. His poops are mysteriously fim and healthy, strangely, enough. He seems ok now. I was worried then last night as I was falling asleep he got up and stared eating. I was like, yes! and pretended to keep sleeping. Then I heard him crawl back under the bed and start burping. I was like, no! 

Today was my first official day editing as SCAN. Well, I would call it my first day capturing, since as soon as I cued up Sir Mark’s interview to the video from our library interview a couple of months ago, I got booted. My four hours was up. Double bummer. There’s always lots of action, shows being taped, and lots of helpful young gentlemen milling about at SCAN so its never a boring time.

I started out feeling contemplative and wanting to share more about how the artes and making this show has influenced my personal life, and my dreams, but I may save that for another post, as I have some actual work to do.

Yes, even at this late hour.

I take my leave, and hope to see you again soon.

Arte Vivant Show


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