October 28, 2007 – SEA SHOW vs Arte Vivant

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If its not clear to some of my most faithful readers, your faithful host has devotedly sought, fittingly might I add, another venue for the outlet of my artist’s most intriguing

How are things going you ask? Well, a most sincere and energetic host must make the most of every opportunity. An enterprising and spontaneous proucer would ever be at the ready to seek out his or her goal in all environment, such is the case with Arte Vivant.

What this means is that finding SCAN TV to host four artists 28 minute episodes, but also seeking out and meeting new artists while I am here in California.

Having corresponded with a new artist for the Words & Art Episode, I finally got to meet this new artist in person for the first time, and Today I learned about a fascinating new take on Writing and Technology from a most intestesting gentleman who is involved in the birthing of a strange new form of expression.

Oh what questions shall I ask , what narration should I compose? Again I am whirling in the heady mist of the Artes.

For the SCAN show, I have had to revise the name for its airing on this venue. I thought of how to incorporate SEATTLE, the emergent/interdisciplinary aspect – EMERGING, and of course the ART, without the E.

So, the SEA SHOW, Seattle Emerging Artes is the latest rendition of your most devoted author and ardent supporter of the Artes. The first episode will air in mid-November, time and date TBD, with the second installing coming soon there after.

This has been a long week in San Francisco, many late nights and 12 hour days, which has only and will continue to add to the intrigue and excitement of the coming week. Pressure to edit, another shoot this Friday, a week of training, and interesting mysteries that are my own, all enhance a delish helping of Arte finery, delightful in all its flavors, sumptuous in all its tastes.

A relaxing afternoon spent in the grass, turning on the Canon as the fog rolled in and a mesmerizing flutist added to the jungle of sound at the drum circle at Golden Gate Park, I smiled, and enjoyed practicing my craft in a relaxed and creative environment, as your solitary host awaited her company. The evening was capped off with a meeting that was to be remembered, over some beers in the lower haight as I discussed all things curious and innovative with my writer friend Bradley Reeves, and an interesting new artist who will be featured on the show.

as ever, we at Arte Vivant aka Seattle Emerging Artes thank you for your interest and participation. We’re here for you!!


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