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In keeping with our spirit of service and devotion to the arts, we are expanding our web presence and planning to make inroads into the art scene.

Every novel art form operated on the fringes of society, an early example was Cezanne, who tried in vain for years to get his art accepted in the Salon. The fruits of his efforts was an audience, and a gift to us, in that he helped to expose the art world to a new mode of painterly expression.

While the glut of information and media available, art has become diluted, almost unrecognizable. We hope to provide information and resources on Contemporary Art and its state in today’s society. We want to not only support artists who are have been working in Emerging Art forms such as Interdisciplinary Art, which seems to be growing in significance, but also all artists that have to employ the most curious of methods in a quest for the art experience.

In my research for art grants to support local artists and thier efforts, I knew I was onto something when I came across an organization called Manifold Motion that I had never heard of that had a similar focus as my budding organization it its mission statement. I discovered this while I was researching an organization I am planning to apply to, which is Shunpike.

I’m excited to bring together all this excitement and novelty and presenting it in a engaging form, on which both the casual observer as well as the art lover can both feast .

The nature of my blog will still include show information and updates on our progress, however, moving forward, there will also be a strong emphasis on breaking news and commentary in the contemporary art world and Seattle.

We hope you enjoy the Show.


SEA SHOW/ Arte Vivant

Kings and Popes used to treat artists as equals, as it were

Paul Gauguin


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