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Miami Art Basel is one of the topics we’ll be blogging about, so our subjects will address the disparity between the yawning gap need for art support in the public sector and the glut the ensues when events like Art Basel takes place. A large gift was to have been given to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art by Eli Broad. I don’t know if this would be enough to please The Guerrilla Girls, who expressed their unhappiness with the giver of this generous gift, on their website you can read the correspondence with the museum after a letter of protest about the the collection’s representation of minorities and women.


Its nice to know that large charitable gifts to the arts are being made in financial times like these. In spite of the fluctuations in the economy as of late. Its clear that the arts are a big part of the economy of a city. Why do so many art dollars reach so few?

Arts Beat, a column on the New York Times website ran a short snippet about a generous donation to a conservation department in the Harvard Art Department.

I stil have more homework to do in this regard, but I think I am correct in saying that the arts withstand economic fluctuations, and art sales are still hitting record numbers. Art has all the manner of lives, especially here on the website of Sheldon Brown.


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