Art & Religion

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Two topics of perpetual importance, the combination of Art and Religion is a recipe for controversy.

2003-10-17-prayer_in_kansas_city Photo by Brandon Fuller

The biggest news in art meeting spirituality in a concrete way is the news headlines being made the artist Dylan Mortimer and his public prayer booths.

Remember the Chocolate Jesus artist? Yes, we all do.

This blog doesn’t reflect on art and God at the same time but I wanted to find a different picture of a chocolate Jesus than the one we’ve all seen & heard of and I found one on this blog. Maybe its a stale peice of low-grade chocolate, cracked and abused. But its still Jesus. The author of the aforementioned blog was so offended by the chocolate representative of Jesus that he would not repost the picture on his blog.


Just as interesting as the scores of articles that arrive in my alert box on a constant basis ( I have an unlimited plan and am push art related alerts to my phone)some of the sites I find when looking for images of the art in question.

Sometimes I read an article and do an image search to see what I come up with. Finding stuff on the internet is a natural skill. Or maybe finding what you need on the internet is not that hard. Experience tells me I’m good at it – in this case, Prayer Art Booth got me the results I wanted in my first result.

This is a cool rant too but it doesn’t really touch on Art & Religion. We might have to have another go at this topic when I get some more vital news on my daily art news feeds. I’m sure it won’t be long.


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