While polished and confident in her exterior, your humble host is in fact a shy, reclusive lover of the arts.

Drawn into an alluring world of mystery and intrigue, your enthralled host has enjoyed getting her toes wet with new and experimental ideas and experiences, while managing to stay out of trouble along the way.

Overcoming my natural shyness, I gingerly tread, entering strange places and challenging situations with a focused goal; with my proud badge of being a loyal servant of the arts as I maintain a focused and reserved approach to my interactions.

It is my goal and sincere desire to artfully depict a creative experience that can hardly be described and is a task to interpret, and support artists whose opportunities are limited because their work is challenging to define or interpret as an art form.


As challenging as my role is and as much work as I do, it does not compare to the bravery and sacrifice the artists around me put forth in his or her work.

My experience with art is multi-faceted. I have only recently become a creative professional. I was first intrigued with art at an alternative high school I was accepted at after finishing middle school from a public education program for advanced students on the east coast. I chose to volunteer at an art gallery and have always felt at home with interesting creative individuals and environments. In 1998, at the age 19, I came out west to attend the Academy of Art as a 3D Animation major. I completed my studies at the Academy of Art in 2003, and have no working knowledge of Contemporary Art aside from the time since the competition for Best New Art Show commenced on April 24, 2007.

I work on many projects and am an involved in many endeavors, yet some of of the most exciting and enriching work I enjoy in the ride of producing and editing this project one and a half years after a competition that changed my life.


Whether its a magical moment as I look through the view finder at another
interesting art event or performance, or the excitement I feel when I finish
editing new video and the art is heightened, to the great delight of the
artist, the rewards of this pursuit are many.

It is my earnest desire to communicate my respect and appreciation for
artists and the craft they pursue.  As I continue to grow with professional
and personal work, this new charge known as The SEA SHOW has left an
indelible mark on your host.

As the show host, artists, friends, family and related supporters enjoy
stimulation and creativity on the many levels that arise when The SEA
SHOW works its magic, there is no telling what is next. And we are really
looking forward to it.




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  1. Nice to meet you at the free sheep event.
    Havent had chance to check your videos.
    Nice to see the pictures of the event. they came out well.
    Hope to see you again.

    • Hi Roger,

      It was nice to meet you too. Thanks for stopping by.

      SEA you around

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