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So while I do very much enjoy my daily musings, it has its challenges and minor frustrations. Yesterday, when I completed my post, a bunch of interesting items started popping up in my alerts. I like to read them on my phone because it forces me to look at them, but then I see all this cool stuff and I want to write about it right away! Its good to wait sometimes.

I’m really into unorthodox art forms, so I was surprised that a very odd method of painting made it in Miami Art Basel. These Croatian reverse glass painting. The image is created in reverse, and will be shown for the first time next week. I checked out some of these and they’re pretty cool, it makes you wonder if the rarity of this type of art will add value to these paintings for collectors in the long term.

This is another strange intersection of eastern europe and art, that I thought was a weird but interesting find. Children making disaster art. I like cartoons, Contemporary Art and bright colors on my blog so I couldn’t resist.


ArtInfo is another goodie I found. They speculate about the pace of buying, basing their perception on recent art fairs, where buyer’s attitudes reflected the changing economic market. There will no doubt be some amazing bargains, like the Croatian glass paintings, so the smart collectors will take the most advantage of this opportunity.

An artist whose public installation involves ink and a fountain if causing some concern, since white is a popular color to wear in hot weather while you’re wandering between galleries during Miami Art Basel. He is sorting it out still.

Fad website is a funky little gem I stumbled across in my pile of art notices on my virtual desk.Although there is speculation that art sales won’t be as active this year, the short film that director/filmmaker David Lynch is designing, Entitled “Diamonds, Gold and Dreams” is true to the opulent gleam of overall show and related events.

Art Basel Miami Beach Events

The details included in this nigget on the Fad website are interesting to read about, like what David did to get inspired to create the piece for the Cartier display dome.

One last thing, this is one link related to Basel some might find interesting. Its a link to a Art Basel Miami Beach radio station of some sort. I’ll have to tune in when I’m not editing. Let me know what you find if you listen to it! Leave us comments, we want to know your opinion. Leave us a comment and tell us what you like and what you think could be improved.




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